“Our intentions are evolving, they will not always be brilliantly clear … We can live with instinctive fluidity and rapid agility, trusting that you will too.” mission.

Nothing beautiful unless useful


Spazio Ginko is looking for talents in the field of art to promote new languages and new visions of the contemporary scene.

Ginko Art Award stems from the increasingly pressing need to allow artists to exhibit without spending. An exhibition, if well designed, has very high execution costs and more and more often patrons and sponsors are chimeras.

Thanks to the Spazio Ginko project, we have been working in the art field for over 10 years. Years in which we have created exhibitions with international artists, such as URBAN PORTRAITS, with which we have brought to exhibit 200 photographers from all over the world in Italy, in locations of great prestige, such as the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome.

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Why exhibiting

It is essential for an emerging artist to make his works and his name known. Showing your works is the basis for promoting your art. We work to support the artist, doing everything necessary for the success of an art event. For our exhibitions we no longer use an exhibition space, but different spaces in Rome, in Italy, abroad.

Virtual gallery // Online works sale

Spazio Ginko works for the promotion of art and design. The Internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools and we know how to make the most of its potential. An e-commerce will allow all selected artists to sell works of art and photographs even after the exhibitions and art events in which the author is involved.

So the artist has a greater media exposure and the collector is more facilitated to find our new talents, know his quotes and buy his works. The market for the online sale of works of art has been growing for several years, marking a + 13% in the last year.

Only the selected artists can exhibit and sell on our marketplace. The promotion and sales process of the works of art is managed and guaranteed by Spazio Ginko according to a consolidated procedure, which protects collectors and artists.


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