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European Photo Contest

For this year we have chosen Milan, the city of fashion and design, the hub of Italian artistic nightlife and the base of many experts in the field of art and photography. The RawEdition2020 will be dedicated exclusively to the world of photography, for this reason we have signed a join venture with Spazio RAW and with the photo editor and curator Anna Mola.
You could win:

  • a personal exhibition in Milan at Raw space
  • exhibition curate
  • press office
  • fine art prints of your photographs
  • promotion on online and offline editorials, magazines and social networks

Prize value: 4450,00 €
Just until 7th July 2020 you can participate with a reduced fee.
Save 50%

Competition closing 31th July 2020
SIGN UP NOW you can upload the works later.

Reduced fee, save 50% don’t miss the chance!

7 July is in:

Solo fino al 31 Maggio la quota di partecipazione era di €29,90 anziché 49,90. Mandaci una email per avere un codice sconto e pagare 29,90 €

Send your photos, we select the artist and not the work, so you can send works from other years too, works already sold or that are exhibited in other galleries / museums. In case of winning, you and our curator Anna Mola will choose together your best works.

Let’s participate!

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